Established in 1956. We carry over 6,000 line items of abrasives and burrs of high quality. We have manufacturing facilities in Santa Ana, California of which we produce carbide burrs that complement are abrasive sales. We have been in the abrasive business for 25 years and the burr manufacturing since 1956.

Inside Grand 3We offer both standard and custom-designed abrasives and burrs at competitive prices, We also pride ourselves as excelling in customer service and technical support.

We are your first and best choice!

Feel free to contact us @1-844-313-7153 or

E-Commerce Solutions:
Before entering into the field of E-Commerce, we need to answer the following questions: Who is our target customer? Why should someone do business with us? What differentiates us from online competition? Where is our sales territory? What is our order minimum? How do we handle re-orders? How up-to-date are our back office order processing, inventory and accounting systems? This is why we partnered with for the answers.

Comfort and trust.
For customers to buy from us, they must be comfortable doing business with us, trust our products and that we are going to be around for awhile. Tell them who we are, what we do and why they should do business with us.

Probably you have formed a rough idea of who we are through reading this part; you’ll know us much better through real time communication and business contact.

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